Skin Care

Tips from Dermatologists for Getting Rid of Wrinkles

Want smoother and younger looking skin? Who best to guide you than dermatologists? They know the ins and outs of skin health and can give you the best tips to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. You can find some useful ones below:

Sleep on your back

You need to get lots of sleep and you need to do it on your back. Those who sleep on their side crunch their face against the pillow, so they have a higher chance of developing wrinkles. Sleep on a silk pillow, as it tends to be softer and is not as rough as nylon or cotton.

Shun the sun

Sun damage is one of the top reasons why people age quickly and develop fine lines and wrinkles. Limit your sun exposure and do not forget to use sunscreen when you have to step out. Go with SPF 30, or higher, with broad spectrum protection.

Eliminate the crap

Your diet will require some adjustments for promoting good skin health. Cut out processed sugar and eat more colorful fruits and vegetables that can give you antioxidants and vitamins. This will give your skin a glow and also reduce wrinkles and lines.

Don’t fear the treatments

There are different types of treatments that also exist for getting rid of wrinkles and you do not have to be afraid of them. Micro-needling has become popular, which involves using a needle to poke small wounds in the skin. It boosts collagen production. Laser resurfacing is also an option to try out and there is also Ultherapy that uses ultrasound technology to give your skin a lift.

Knock bad habits

Dermatologists also recommend knocking some bad habits like smoking, drinking too much caffeine, or alcohol for you to ensure your skin remains healthy, younger-looking and wrinkle-free for longer.