Writing Smart Advertising Copy for Health Topics



As an advertising sales copywriter in health, you may be part psychologist, teacher and scientist all at the same time. Although most products and services can use words that incite engaging mental pictures and highly seductive imagery, the health writer must rely on their sensitivity as well as compassion to convey the appropriate benefits of health-related services and products. Writers should teach and also inform their own readers to promote the reasons that chiropractors, acupuncturists or a product description can enhance the quality of their lives.

Research Studies Support Information

With clinical studies and research papers, writers can make a point about a product or service that can benefit their readers. For example , “in a recent research study in 2014, over 100 participants who used Hoodia daily reported a weight loss average of 33 pounds in less than two months. ” You cannot claim that the research study proved, cured or any other absolutes that make clinical research unequivocal proof of efficacy. Research studies only suggest or promote more questions for more research; they do not prove anything.

If possible, include two or three research that include the product or service to strengthen your supportive research. In addition , ensure your research articles are reputable with resources such as:

A peer-reviewed journal
Free to public access from scholarly websites with regard to links in your article
Reviewed studies regarding ethical along with acceptable practices
Reported study results that are easily interpreted by the layperson
Investigate Your Target Population

When promoting the benefits of a product or service for wellness, ensure that you spend some time researching the population that may find it useful. Obviously, if a service or product is designed for a specific disease or even condition, pursuit articles can help you provide useful information to that target group.

However , a specialty skin cream that prevents chapping in addition to drying can be promoted to diabetics, post-menopausal women, psoriasis sufferers and for those who live in cold climates. A series of informative articles for each member of the targeted audience can benefit from the product.

Information is King

Unfortunately, much of health copywriting is convincing a potential customer of “why is this important to me? ” Although you must match the level of sophistication the actual healthcare consumer has arisen to, you cannot talk over their particular head plus lose them in the translation. For instance, it may be important to consist of that “polyphenols” in green tea may prevent cancer, but it is equally important to explain “what they are” in the simplest associated with terms.

Using Amazing is not Amazing

While informing your reader of the advantages of a product or perhaps service, ensure you provide helpful information that they can trust and find engaging. Avoid describing products with groundbreaking, amazing or maybe innovative. You may be tempted to use these types of terms but they just slow you down. Use short sentences, bullets and avoid wordy as well as lengthy paragraphs that make your reader work too hard to continue. Provide useful and engaging information they can trust and discover useful to reach their goals and increase the quality of their lives.