5 Ways to Make Health Class More Interesting



Due to the increasing difficulty of admissions to colleges or universities for most students, Health class is the least of their worries. By the time they enter your class their brain is full of math equations, science experiments and essays that they do not even want to think about ‘boring old health topics’. In order to capture the attention of your wellness class instead of lecturing directly from the book or handing out worksheets here is a list of five things you can do to gain the attention of high school college students:

1 . Skits- Giving pupils the opportunity to express themselves through any health related topic for example; harmful ways of relating, is a good release for them to laugh and learn, yes I did say laugh!

2 . Puppets- Now, I know what you are thinking. Puppets? In a high school class? Let me tell you, in a college class I have taken we use puppets and it is a funny, creative way for students to learn about different topics while also having fun, yes I did say fun! The sock puppets allow for scholars to express themselves just like the skits, they can use various voices and hide behind a desk to conceal their identity.

3. Current Events- Present events are a great way to capture student’s attention. If you find a current event that the learners will be interested in, I can guarantee that they will be listening the rest of the lesson. It can be something related to health and fitness on most days and on other days have one related to sports to break up the cycle. Most students hate routine so try to break it up for them so they are not consistently bored!

4. Socratic Seminar- Now for any of you who do not know what a Socratic Seminar is, it is a discussion that is lead by the individuals after the teacher provides one opening statement. The class is usually in 2 circles, 1 behind the other and the outside circle is just listening to the inside circle. If you want every student involved, make one circle. The Socratic Seminar can be about ANYTHING you want, and that is the beauty of it, you can throw a question or declaration out to the students and let them be the ones who talk for a change. Students love to speak and they love to have others hear their opinion and this is one of the best ways to do it!

5. Debates- This one can go along with the Socratic Seminar, only students can research as well as debate about a health related subject. This will allow trainees to learn in regards to a topic on their own and voice their opinions. Like I said before, students love to talk and also want others to listen, if you can find a well being topic that students feel passionately about they will do the work and they will want to participate.